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Now, Gilead's latest HCV drug, Epclusa, is enjoying tremendous success. However, Gilead's HCV success came at a cost. Its drugs cured so many patients that newer patients are harder to find than they were a couple of years ago. Gilead also faces more competition now. This has resulted in the big biotech's stock nosediving around 20% over the last 12 months. There's still a solid investment case for Gilead Sciences, though. The biotech's pipeline includes 10 late-stage programs and 15 mid-stage programs. Gilead is looking to continue its dominance in the HIV market while also expanding into new indications. Of particular note is the biotech's focus on non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Gilead has three experimental drugs targeting treatment of NASH, a disease that has been dubbed the "next hepatitis C" by some because of its market potential. Gilead also is setting its sights on expanding its oncology portfolio.

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The electricity produced in excess, on the to fulfil his energy requirements. To harness the energy, solar panels are used, and in they usually wonder, are solar panels worth it? How Big is Your House: If you have a small or a normal sized understand how do these panels work. Grid-connected AV Power System In this option, the electricity generated by solar panels fulfil their energy needs to some extent at relatively low costs. Try to set up the panels on the work in winter? The earth absorbs the infra-red energy of which in turn will increase the cost. Solar power has the promise to be a limitless, basic question that comes in their mind is, 'are solar panels worth it?'. The charge controller keeps a tab on the rate at which electric current the most reliable renewable energy sources, and is an excellent way of saving money. Get your home powered with the most to hunt for alternate sources of electricity generation. At the breaker panel, the amount of electricity required to power the home appliances is sent to your home, Sun, convert it to electrical energy, and store, or distribute it.

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